Dahetra is located in Skanderborg, Denmark and has approx 45 employees. 

Dahetra was founded in 1973 under the name Danofo as a production company specializing in printing on textile. Today Dahetra is one of the leading companies in textile and transfer printing industry in Denmark. Since 2005 Dahetra has been a subsidiary of the globally renowned NEW WAVE GROUP.

Dahetra is much more than a textile printing facility – We develop and design the HURRICANE collection. All products are designed to fit the requirements of our consumers’ demands – regardless of scope.

In addition to our own collection we also distribute the brands J. Harvest & Frost, James Harvest Sportswear, Printer, Red Flag, CottoVer, Graphix, D.A.D., Grizzly, Mac One, Derby by Sweden, and No Problem.

We sell our products through distributors - and not directly to private consumers.

Please contact us for contact information of your nearest distributor.