Embroidery patches are almost identically as embroidery sewn directly on the textile. Choosing the embroidery patch will however give you the possibility to attach the patch in different ways. You can choose between patches that are sewn on to the garment, glued on or fastened with Velcro – for further information please see our explanation further down.

Embroidery patches have structured surfaces, as the different threads are sewn on top of each other and therefore give an uneven surface.

It is also possible to produce the patches with an embroidered edge – this gives the patch a nice finish with a one-color embroidery edge all around the patch.

A marrow border – approx. 3 mm around the edge is also a possibility. This will cover the threads completely and give the patch a very nice finish.

Furthermore, you can choose to have a laser cut edge that gives the edge a sharp look.

The wanted expression of the patch determines which edge to choose.