Patches fastened with Velcro are available with both hook (hard side) and loop (soft side). You can therefore choose to order both or only to order the patch with hooks (hard side). This is practical, if your existing garment already has the loop side (soft side).

Please note, that the patch only fastens to the existing garment, if it already has Velcro fastened onto it as well.

Velcro is especially suited for products, where it is necessary to remove or change the motif from time to time e.g. on jackets for different companies within the same intercompany.

We recommend the use of patches fastened with Velcro on jackets, bags and other products made from heavy materials.

Furthermore, we recommend that garments with patches fastened with Velcro are washed separately or in a wash-bag, as the Velcro can damage other garments.